Editorial Board

​​​​​​​Denis Fougère, CNRS and Sciences Po, France
Juan F. Jimeno, Bank of Spain, Spain 

Managing Editor
Núria Rodríguez-Planas, City University of New York, Queens College and IZA

Editorial Office of the IZA Journal Series
Pamela Qendrai, IZA, Germany

​​​​​​​Associate Editors
Kaushik Basu, World Bank, USA
David Blanchflower, Dartmouth College, USA
Marco Caliendo, University of Potsdam, Germany
Anne Case, Princeton University, USA
Janet Currie, Princeton University, USA
Juan J. Dolado, European University Institute, Italy
Werner Eichhorst, IZA, Germany
Richard B. Freeman, Harvard University, USA
Pawel Kaczmarzyk, Warsaw University, Poland
Francis Kramarz, CREST, France
Jonathan Portes, National Institute of Economic and Social Research, UK
Jo Ritzen, Maastricht University, Netherlands
Nina Smith, University of Aarhus, Denmark
Coen Teulings, University of Cambridge, UK
Mirjam van Praag, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Stefan Scarpetta, OECD, France
Erdal Tekin, American University, USA
Gerard van den Berg, University of Mannheim, Germany
Arthur van Soest, Tilburg University, Netherlands
Etienne Wasmer, LIEPP, Sciences Po, France

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