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Table 4 Results of Available Impact Evaluations of ALMPs in the MENA region

From: A reform agenda for improving the delivery of ALMPs in the MENA region

Program Type of Program Country Author of study Main Findings
New Work Opportunities for Women (NOW) Wage Subsidy + life skills training Jordan Groh et al. (2012) Wage subsidy: Large positive effect on employment in the short term; No impact after 14 months.
Life skills: no effect on employment in the short term. Little positive impact on employment in the 14 months after program completion. Positive changes in behavioral skills.
Business thesis plan competition Entrepreneurship: awareness + technical and life skills training + coaching. Tunisia Premand et al. (2011) No effect on net employment. Changed the composition of employment (from wage to self-employment). Positive changes in behavioral skills
Al Amana Entrepreneurship: access to micro-credit Morocco Cho and Honorati (2012) Increased household self-employment. Little or no effect on average consumption or other outcomes (health, education, etc.).
Shabab Entrepreneurship: awareness (other program components – e.g. technical skills - have yet to be evaluated) Syria Haddad (2010). Increased knowledge of and changed attitude (positively) toward self-employment.
  1. Source: Authors own elaboration.