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Table 5 Policy Framework for Improving the Delivery of Publicly Provided ALMPs in the MENA region

From: A reform agenda for improving the delivery of ALMPs in the MENA region

Constraint Policy directive
Limited administrative capacity Insufficient ratio of counselors to registered unemployed Develop results-based PPPs
Insufficient national coverage
Inadequate skills of counselors
  Lack of performance incentives
  Weak intermediation capacity (prospection)  
  Poor data quality of registries (nomenclature, qualifications) Promote systems and program integration
System and Program fragmentation Too many public players in the provision of ALMPs
Lack of integration of ALMPs with safety net systems
Lack of inter-institutional coordination
Program fragmentation (too many small programs and lack of coherence across programs)  
Lack of results based M&E Lack of results-based M&E systems and frameworks Develop results-based M&E frameworks
Lack of systems to promote user feedback
Lack of accreditation of private providers
Lack of information about quality of private providers
Flawed program design Poor insertion rates
Poor targeting
Lack of graduation/exit strategies Promote systems and program integration
Lack of involvement by the private sector in program design Promote entrepreneurship/self-employment, on-the-job-training, and life skills training among job seekers
Failure to focus on provision of soft skills and/or on-the-job-training
Entrepreneurship programs that are limited in focus and scope
  1. Source: Authors own elaboration. See Additional file 1: Table A1.