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Table 11 Information for cost-benefit analysis

From: The effect of vocational rehabilitation on the employment outcomes of disability insurance beneficiaries: new evidence from Canada

  Probability of benefits ceasing Discounting horizon (years) Mean benefits (dollars) Mean VR cost (dollars)
Treatment Group 0.373 18 7,908 5,783
Comparison Group 0.278 18 8,994 0
Treatment Group 0.412 18 7,567 6,376
Comparison Group 0.373 18 8,110 0
  1. Notes: The probability of ceasing benefits is the mean for the comparison group; for the treatment group the probability of ceasing benefits is computed as the mean for the comparison group plus the IPW estimate of the ATET in Tables 7 and 8 based on the sample that restricts the propensity score to [0.001, 0.40] for men and [0.001, 0.35] for women. The discounting horizon is computed as the retirement age (65) minus the average age that benefits cease for the comparison group (47). Payroll tax contributions to the CPP are based on the average pre-CPPD earnings multiplied by 0.099, which is the contribution rate since 2003.