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Table 1 Selection criteria and resulting sample size

From: The relationship between timely delivery of vocational rehabilitation services and subsequent federal disability benefit application and receipt

  Number of observations
Initial sample 4,108,832
Exclusion criteria  
Applied before FY 2002 929,801
Applied after FY 2005 1,120,392
Agency in U.S. territory 20,526
Age less than 18 or greater than 64 202,535
Kentucky state VR agency (no IPE date) 41,419
Had previous VR closure 143,736
Died (as a reason for VR closure) 9,518
Had applied for SSDI or SSI 36 months before VR application 370,971
Was receiving SSDI or SSI at application 64,161
Agency had fewer than three cases in a month/year after exclusions were applied 20,963
Final sample 1,184,810
Classified as disability insured at VR application 595,884
  1. Source: Analysis of SSA TRF09 linked to RSA-911 data.