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Table 7 Evaluation studies on public work programs

From: Youth unemployment and active labor market policies in Europe

Author Country Treatment Sample Horizon Estimation Employment Unemployment Education Quality/Wages
(Bonnal et al. (1997) France (1) Public sector working schemes Young men who were less than 26 years, low or high levels of education 1 month, 6–12 months and > 12 months after participation Multiproportional hazard model with mutiple spells and unobserved heterogeneity Low educ: 0 high educ: - (proba of unemployment over 1 year) low educ - high educ 0 n/a (proba of employment over 1 year) low educ: + high educ: -
Brodaty et al. (2011) France (2) Job creation schemes, part-time, minimum wage receipt Long-term unemployed, low-skilled below 25 years Up to 6 months after treatment Propensity Score Matching with PS derived from a competing-risk duration model 0 (relative to general or practical training) - relative to fixed-term contracts n/a n/a n/a
Achatz et al. (2012) Germany (1) Public-Work-Program (One-Euro Jobs), up to 6 months, 30 hours per week 18–30 year old recipients of means-tested UB benefits entering treatment within 9 weeks of start of receipt, male/female Up to 30 months Propensity Score Matching Men: - women: 0 single-mothers with children: - n/a n/a n/a
Caliendo et al. (2008) Germany (4) Job Creation Schemes (JCS) Unemployed less than 25 years Up to 35 months Propensity Score Matching 0 n/a n/a n/a
Caliendo et al. (2011) Germany (5) Job creation schemes Unemployment entrants up to 25 years, East and West separately Up to 5 years after treatment entry Propensity Score Weighting East: - West: 0 n/a East: - West: 0 n/a
Hohmeyer and Wolff (2007) Germany (7) Public-Work-Program (One-Euro Jobs) Social welfare recipients below the age of 25 Up to 25 months Propensity Score Matching West: 0 East: 0 West: + East: 0 n/a n/a
Wolff et al. (2010) Germany (10) Public-Work-Program (One-Euro Jobs) Unemployed between 15 to 24 years (male, female in East and West, Em/Ef/Wm/Wf) Up to 28 month Propensity Score Matching Em/Ef/Wm/Wf: 0 Ef: + Em/Wm/Wf: 0 Em: + Ef/Wm/Wf: 0 n/a
Dorsett (2006) UK (3) Job creation schemes relative to other NDYP options Unemployed male UB benefit claimants for longer than 6 months, 18 to 24 years Up to 1.5 years Propensity Score Matching - (rel. to all other options) + (rel. to all other options) n/a n/a