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Table 1 Examples of well-known living wage movements

From: (Un)beliveable wages? An analysis of minimum wage policies in Europe from a living wage perspective

Living Wage Foundation A British initiative, which sets the living wage rates separately for London and for the rest of the country. The amount is currently £8.25 per hour outside London and £9.40 per hour in the city. They are calculated according to the real cost of living, including food, fuel and childcare.
Harvard Living Wage Campaign Setting living wages for Harvard workers since 1998.
Starting wages for workers in the union is now $10.85 per hour, from $9 under their previous contract.
New York City Living Wage Existing legislation defines a living wage in New York City as a minimum of $10 per hour with benefits or $11.50 per hour without benefit. The movement is trying to pass new legislation implying a living wage equal to $14.52 per hour for 1 adult. According to the Living Wage calculator (, this amount is calculated based on the real cost of living, including food, childcare, medical, housing, transportation and other.
(Website not available anymore)
Asia Floor Wage The Asia Floor Wage launched in 2009 calculates living wage in PPP$. Currently, the Asia Floor Wage is calculated to be PPP$ 725, including cost of food, housing, clothing, healthcare (including maternity and child care), education, fuel, transport and savings. (
Living Wage by WageIndicator An initiative of the global WageIndicator foundation. The aim of the project at this moment is to analyse income and food security in 9 countries of East Africa: Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt. Despite its regional focus, the calculations are available for a high number of countries worldwide, as the eventual ambition is to produce a globally comparable living wage indicator (