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Table 10 Composition of employment by economic sector

From: Enforcement of labor market regulations: heterogeneous compliance and adjustment across gender

Dependent variable =1 if social sec. benefits =1 if emp. benefits
(1) (2)
 Log(enforcement measure) −0.120 −0.117
[0.0405]*** [0.0345]***
 Observations 83,906 83,906
R2 0.237 0.207
Included controls
 Individual characteristics Yes Yes
 Political business cycle variables Yes Yes
 Quality of institutions variable Yes Yes
 Development level variables Yes Yes
 Demand shocks variables Yes Yes
 Province fixed effects Yes Yes
 Sector fixed effects Yes Yes
 Year fixed effects Yes Yes
 Province-time trends Yes Yes
  1. Source: Own elaboration. Notes: IV estimations. Omitted category in columns 7–9: self-employment. Standard errors clustered at the province-sector level in brackets. Control variables defined as in Table 2
  2. Significant at ***1%, **5%, and *10%