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Table 1 Classification of countries on minimum wage systems (2000–2014)

From: Youth minimum wages and youth employment

Group 1: Countries with statutory minimum wages (Ν1 = 21) Group 2: Countries without statutory minimum wages (Ν2 = 9)
Australia Luxembourg Austria
Belgium Netherlands Denmark
Canada New Zealand Finland
Czech Republic Poland Germany
Estonia Portugal Iceland
France Slovak Republic Italy
Greece Spain Norway
Hungary Turkey Sweden
Ireland UK Switzerland
Japan USA*  
Classification of group 1 according to youth rates
Group 1A: Countries with minimum wages and youth rates Group 1B: Countries with uniform minimum wages
Australia New Zealand Belgium Hungary
Belgium Portugal Canada Japan
Greece Slovak Republic Czech Republic Korea
Ireland Turkey Estonia Poland
Luxembourg UK France Spain
Netherlands   Greece USA
  1. *USA is considered in our data as a country without youth minimum wages, since the lower rates are associated with job tenure. When we include the USA in the data as a country with uniform minimum wages, our results are virtually identical.